Exceptional Wicket-Keeper Batsman  :  Nishant Kumar signed for playing club cricket in the UK


Nishant Kumar is a left-handed opening batter and an exceptional wicket-keeper playing for Bihar. Who played for Jharkhand in the U17, U19, U22, Ranji Trophy. Nishant is a skilled player, offering sound experience and possessing excellent cricketing skills, temperament and fitness level required in the modern day cricket.
Has experience playing in overseas conditions as well as playing under different circumstances and climatic conditions. Nishant is known for his strong insight of game and impressive teamsmanship with creative ideas and abilities to tackle tough challenges and overcoming odd situations.

Career Profile :-
Represented Jharkhand U17 (2005-06 season)
Represented Jharkhand U19 (2006-07 season)
Represented Jharkhand U22 (2009-10 season)
Selected to attend Jharkhand Seniors Camp (Ranji Trophy) in 2010-2011
Selected to attend Indian Railways U 25 camp in 2013-14
Playing for East Central Railways in All India Inter Railways Tournaments from 2013-till date.
Registered Corporate Foreign Player with KL Stars Cricket Club in Kualalampur, Malaysia and has played many T20 & Sixes Tournament and other premier professional clubs.
Playing Ranji Trophy for Bihar currently.